Trish’s Dish

Trish’s Dish for ‘The Proposal’

Tonight we are pairing The Proposal with good old fashioned popcorn and a great Chardonnay.  Yes, it sounds too good to be true but I promise it’s awesome.  I had the pleasure of dragging my husband to the drive-in to see this movie.  We packed a few grown up items that they do not serve at the snack bar to go with our popcorn.  One was a rich and buttery Chardonnay from Malivoire winery in Vinela...[Read More]

Trish’s Dish for ‘Taken’

Tonight we are pairing Taken with a wine that like our lead Bryan is not what one first thinks it is.  Barolo is a very famous Italian wine that for centuries has been dubbed the “King of wines” by some.  Barolo is a wine that has a whole lot going on underneath the surface that no one knows about until they take the time to really look, a bit like a father who is never there but really is out pro...[Read More]

Trish’s Dish for ‘I AM LEGEND’

Tonight’s movie and food pairing will feature I Am Legend pairing it with a Champagne wine.  Champagne is a region in France that only produces sparkling wine made of Pinot Noir, Pinot Mieuner and Chardonnay.  Champagne on its own is a bit of a legend and I think is a great pairing for this movie. *Congratulations to Trish who was married over the weekend. It was a good time!*

Trish’s Dish for Bride Wars

As an upcoming Bride I felt it 100% necessary to watch Bride Wars.  I do love both our leading ladies Kate Hudson (who plays Liv) and Anne Hathaway (who plays Emma) and think they did an amazing job on this film.  Coming up with a wine and food match for this movie was a bit challenging, the movie has serious, funny and downright nasty bits.  For occasions like this I prefer a Riesling.  I find Ri...[Read More]