‘Watchmen’ Theatrical Trailer

Is there any need to beat around the bush about the new Watchmen trailer that playing before the Bond flick, Quantum of Solace? Didn’t think so, but if you’re snowed in and can’t make it we have it for you.

Gran Torino Trailer Whups the Ace!

Big Clint is still whuppin’ ass at 78 years old! Hard to believe? Move it on inside for a look at the trailer to his latest directorial/starring vehicle – GRAN TORINO

Faux Flash Trailer or WB Teaser?

During the recent early Watchmen screening, in Portland, Oregon on October 13th, not only did we find out that the ending may have been altered from the graphic novel, but a trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the fastest man alive, The Flash, debuted, apparently anyway. The folks at /film were pointed to a bootleg trailer on YouTube, which looks like was it filmed in a theater, but ...[Read More]

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