‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ Trailer and Poster

If you were not able to catch Megamind this weekend you missed out on Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom teaser trailer that premiered in front of it. No worries though, DreamWorks has put it online for all to watch along with the films first poster.

It’s ‘The Avengers’ Comic-Con Teaser Trailer

After the momentous occasion of Marvel assembling The Avengers at Comic-Con comes the teaser that accompanied that moment now etched in time. Are you ready for it? There’s really nothing to be ready for. It features the voice of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and The Avengers logo. According to Slashfilm, the creator of the teaser was done by Imaginary Forces who has an impressive list of cre...[Read More]

‘Megamind’ Teaser Trailer – Does Just That

Dreamworks has certainly made a name for themselves with such big titles as the Shrek franchise and Kung Fu Panda amongst others. With no signs of slowing down the company is bringing the comedic talents of Will Farrell, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill together with Brad Pitt to voice their latest animated effort: Megamind.

‘Beastly’ Teaser Trailer

CBS Movies have released the teaser trailer for their upcoming theatrical film Beastly. The film stars High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Neil Patrick Harris.

‘Toy Story 3’ Teaser on ET – Updated

Entertainment Tonight has aired the Toy Story 3 teaser that will debut in front of Pixar’s UP. It’s crappy quality, but you’re skipping UP this weekend at least you can have a sneak peek at it. I’ve updated the trailer to a better quality version rather than keep that phone cam’ed version. If you want to see the teaser in High-Def head on over to Apple.com

‘Fast & Furious’ Teaser Poster

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are teaming up one more time in Fast & Furious and those devious folks over at MTV Movie Blog have scored an exclusive teaser poster.

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