RDJ Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

Looks like Sony’s deal to let Marvel/Disney play in their sandbox is going to continue beyond Captain America: Civil War. Marvel alum Robert Downey Jr. has joined the cast of Sony’s Spider-Man revival Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the success of the Marvel film universe it seems like a no brainer to let Marvel help Sony shape the future of the web head and with the addition of RDJ Sourc...[Read More]

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Synopsis has not yet been released.

Angels & Demons Blu-ray streets on Nov. 24th

Many have been speculating whether or not Ron Howard’s sequel to the hit blockbuster The DaVinci Code would make a home video appearance before jolly old HO HO HO himself this year. Well, word is now official and Angels & Demons will land itself square in the middle of the holiday shopping mayhem. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is really “bringing it home” on Blu-ray with ...[Read More]

PS4 Design? It’s Never Too Early To Formulate A Plan

News of a potential candidate for the next generation of Sony Computer Entertainment America‘s console hardware has peeked the interest of the general public. Australian designer Tai Chiem has developed what appears to be one heck of a sheik looking piece of hardware that incorporates cutting edge touch screen technology with the look of something you might find on the desk of Chief Detectiv...[Read More]

Sony’s August Blu-ray Blitz

Sony is having an August Blu-ray catalogue release blitz.  On tap are Blue Thunder, Starman, St. Elmos’s Fire, About Last Night, and Go. For my money John Carpenter’s Starman is the pick of the bunch.  It feature a superb performance by Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen does a great job as well.  The movie became the springboard for a TV series of the same name.

E3 2009: Sony Press Conference

Sony closed out the press conferences today at E3 2009.  Trailing behind both Nintendo and Microsoft in the console wars, we keep waiting of Sony to have a breakout year and try to regain their former glory.  With a solid line up on the horizon Sony may just do that. 

Sony Posts Billon Dollar Loss!!

Suprise Surprise.  The overly expensive ps3 has led to poor sales, which in turn has lead to Sony loosing One Billllllllllion Dollars!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!