Rise of the Fallen

‘Transformers 2’ Trailer is Here

You’ve been waiting anxiously. You squinted to make out detail when the bootleg version hit the web. You jumped for joy when the ShoWest footage showed up online and wept when it vanished just as quickly. Now, fear not the full trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is here.  

‘Transformers 2’ Trailer Premiering in 20 Cities

This is one time I don’t fully understand Hollywood. They are planning on showing the Transformers: Rise of the Fallen trailer in 20 select cities attached to a one time screening of the original Transformers film.

‘Transformers 2’ Role Call!

Happy April Fool’s Day faithful Eye Crave readers! Although this day is frought with the inevitable hazard of internet claims and statements which seek to punk us hardcore film enthusiasts, I assure you that this is no prank.

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