A Nightmare on Elm Street on Blu-ray Combo Pack & DVD 10/5!

Warners Home Video presents a new generation of Freddie as played by Jackie Earle Haley on October 5th just in time for Halloween this year! Details after the break.

October Sees ‘Back to the Future’ on Blu-ray

October just got awesome. I can see it now. Marty McFly will get into a time traveling DeLorean in high definition. That’s right, the 80’s are getting updated and put onto Blu-ray along with Jaws 19. Alright, no Jaws 19, but this set will be jam packed with some exciting extra features. Here’s a snippet from the press release: ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOTION PICTURE TRILOGIES COMES TO ...[Read More]

‘UP’ Flies to Blu-ray and DVD

You’ll be able to bring Carl and Russell down when UP comes home on Blu-ray and DVD this November. Loaded with talking dogs, flightless giant birds, and a commentary this release will pick you UP.

Exclusive: HANGOVER DVD/Blu-ray Release Date – Confirmed

It appears that our fearless leader here at, Shane MacDonald, has stumbled himself upon a tidbit of information regarding this years surprise “laugh until you cry” fest that is know as The Hangover. As you can see from the picture posted below, it is set to release for use in your home theatres on…

‘Eagle Eye’ Sees End of 2008

 ‘The Beef’ stars in Eagle Eye along with Michelle Monaghan and the eyes in the sky have told us that Paramount Home Entertainment will release the film the very last DVD release day of 2008.

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