Attack of the Blu-ray Monsters!.. Inc.

Monsters Inc. still sits near the top of my list as one of my favourite Pixar movies. It’s a movie I let my young children watch because it shows them monsters just want to make you laugh and not hurt you. My kids have never had a monster nightmare and sometimes even pretend to be one themselves. There’s good news M-Inc. fans like. It’s finally coming to Blu-ray. On a day we̵...[Read More]

‘UP’ Flies to Blu-ray and DVD

You’ll be able to bring Carl and Russell down when UP comes home on Blu-ray and DVD this November. Loaded with talking dogs, flightless giant birds, and a commentary this release will pick you UP.

UP [Theatrical Review ]

Psst. You want to know the world’s worst kept secret?   Pixar is Awesome. Their latest movie, UP, is simply stupendous. Wolverine? Bah! A toothless tomcat. Terminator Salvation? Pshaw! A bunch of namby pamby wind up toys with broken main springs. Logan and Connor meet your better! Almost octogenarian – Carl. At 78 years of age and a product of cinema only, he kicks the collective butts ...[Read More]

Disney / Pixar Move North

Here’s a little bit of unexpected and pleasant news for us Canuks. It seems that Disney and Pixar are setting up a brand new multi-million dollar animation studio in Vancouver. While the studio won’t be producing full length movies, they WILL be animating all the big characters like Woody and Buzz for DVD’s, games and theme parks. Pixar’s next movie ‘Up’ hits th...[Read More]