Iron Man 2

Inteview: Clark Gregg (IRON MAN 2)

The name Clark Gregg may not ring with you at first, but once you see the man who made a minor character into a major S.H.I.E.L.D. fixture you’ll know exactly who he is. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Clark prior to the Blu-ray release of IRON MAN 2 regarding Agent Phil Coulson, THE AVENGERS, THOR, Marvel, and Dancing with the Stars.

IRON MAN 2 Blu-ray/DVD Lands in September

Iron Man 2 stands as one of the bright spots in a pretty pedestrian summer movie season. The impending release of the movie in home video format, this Sept 28th, is a sure sign that summer is coming to and end.


If you have not yet seen the new Iron Man 2 trailer we’ve got it here for you. The trailer debuted on late night with Jimmy Kimmel after the Oscar telecast on Sunday night.

‘Iron Man 2’ Trailer is HERE!

Am I ever glad that I decided to check things out online before heading to bed. Perhaps the IRON MAN 2 trailer is the medicine I need to help cure this cold I’ve been fighting for 7-days. I really don’t think this one really needs an intro… give it a gander!

First Look at Black Widow in ‘Iron Man 2’

Today’s cover of Entertainment Weekly features some IRON MAN 2 love. The stars all make the cover, but it also has the first image of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

First Image of Stark from ‘Iron Man 2’

I was literally seconds from heading to bed when I checked my feeds to discover that USA Today, as Jon Fravreau (via Twitter) said it would, has debuted the first picture from Iron Man 2 featuring the Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Faves has been teasing about stuff on Twitter since shooting began.

And the Camera’s Roll

If you’re a movie fan and not on Twitter you are missing some interesting news coming from some folks in the biz including Jon Favreau and Sheryl Main a publicist working on Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. Jon Favreau announced via Twitter this morning that filming has begun on Iron Man 2 and even gave fanboys a few photos to get the hype rolling like this one here. And Sheryl is...[Read More]

Favreau Showcases ‘Iron Man 2’ on Twitter

Yes, I’m on Twitter and I recently discovered that Jon Favreau was on it as well. While reading his tweets I discovered a picture of Tony Stark’s new shack currently under construction… yes it’s true.