Blue Man Group Movie?

Well this is….strange. Apparently the musical (and performance art?) act Blue Man Group is looking to come to a cineplex near you. This part I find the strangest of all, the movie distribution rights were acquired by National Geographic. Yes, the nature people. For more details on the proposed IMAX movie (really?) read ahead…

‘The Dark Knight’ Comes Back to Theatres and To Blu-ray

Not only is The Dark Knight headed back to the big screen for Oscar season, but there’s also going to be a December-18th Blu-ray Live event, where 100,000 owners of the Blu-ray release will get to watch and partake in a live, interactive commentary by director Christopher Nolan. So, will there be a sequel, or won’t there? Even Nolan ain’t so sure. He’s been taking notes and trying to get his...[Read More]

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