Chris Pine

The Wonder Woman Villain is…

I suspected that Princess Diana of Themyscira would have to face off against a god and I was right. Much like the comic books she and the other Amazonian people are constantly doing battle with Ares, god of war. French magazine Studio Ciné Live‘s recently published set report identified him as the main villain. French website, Les Toiles Héroïques, posted the scoop online. Chris Pine gave a ...[Read More]

Wonder Woman

Trained to be an unconquerable warrior and raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana, princess of the Amazons, leaves her home when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells her about a massive conflict in the the outside world. Hoping that she can stop the threat, she fights alongside men and discovers her full power and her true destiny.

Wonder Woman – Trailer

Star Trek Beyond

Synopsis has not yet been released.

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Jack Ryan & Saw VII Get Title Changes

Things have been quiet on the new Jack Ryan film since they announced Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, would play the title character. Now, comes word on the story, and a title change. Also, it appears as though SAW VII has also had it’s title renamed.

Chris Pine About to Know Jack… Ryan

Twitter is exploding right now with news that Variety just broke. Seems as though Paramount is pretty happy with Chris Pine’s turn in Star Trek that their ready to offer him another top line franchise. That’s right movie lovers, Chris Pine, aka Captain James T. Kirk, has begun negotiations to star as Jack Ryan.

From Kirk to Lantern

Yesterday it was announced via Production Weekly’s on Twitter that there was some movement happening on DC’s Green Lantern and that filming would begin mid-September in Australia. Today there’s even more news about the front runner for the role of GL and it’s none other than Star Trek‘s Captain James T. Kirk, aka, Chris Pine.

Latest ‘Star Trek’ Trailer Raises Expectations to Warp Speeds!

The anticipation for the upcoming Star Trek kicked up expectations from sublight to warp speed with the release of the newest trailer.  The latest trailer is playing in front of the Watchmen and is definitely generating good buzz. This trailer is more character focused and highlights the journey that James T. Kirk takes from his pre-StarFleet days until he gets to sit in the ‘big chair.̵...[Read More]