Bruce Willis


In a future society, time-travel exists, but it's only available to those with the means to pay for it on the black market. When the mob wants to eliminate someone, it sends the target into the past, where a hit man known as a looper lies in wait to finish the job. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one such hired gun, and he does his job well -- until the day his bosses decide to "close the loop" and ...[Read More]

Looper Theatrical Review

  (Fair warning: if you have not seen this movie yet you are advised to delay your reading of this review.  Story points will be discussed that are best consumed without any prior knowledge.  Bottom line – Looper is definitely a film worth seeing.) Looper proved to be the latest InterNet OverHype experience for me.  When it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier th...[Read More]

The Expendables Theatrical Review

The 80’s was undoubtedly the manliest and most muscular decade in film history (as recently decided upon by Muscle & Fitness). We had former Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rocky…no, Rambo…no, Rocky…ummm Sylvester Stallone, the muscles from Brussels Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren who challenged most of these muscleheads head on. In the early 90’s...[Read More]

New ‘Red’ Trailer Premieres at Comic-Con

Yesterday during the Summit panel they showcased this new trailer for the upcoming film Red. Check it out along with 2 new character posters and a few new stills.