Wreck-It Ralph 2

Synopsis has not yet been released.

Interactive ‘Iron Man 2’ Trailer Flies Online

Iron Man 2 will grace big screens in North America on May 7th (seems so far away) with Tony Stark and James Rhodes taking on some major baddies. Well, the UK website for Iron Man 2 has released a pretty awesome interactive trailer for all you metal heads to enjoy.

The Creeper Speaks – An Interview With Jonathan Breck

Welcome back to Evil Axel’s Den Of Iniquity! While this may have started out as a place for me to unleash my shenanigans in the “genre” arenas, we’ve decided to open it up a little and let everybody in on the fun. So now the Den Of Iniquity, while still falling under my evil supremacy, will feature items by any of our writers who provide a worthy piece. With that in mind, I...[Read More]

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