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The Angry Birds Movie

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I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to watch The Angry Birds Movie. Considering it was based off an iPhone game that saw you launch a variety of birds at bigs on structures how was this movie going to work.

Well, it wasn’t total drivel. There were a few good laughs and decent story existed that created the AB universe. With the voice talent, however, I did expect a little bit more comedy, but it was an enjoyable film. There are quite a few “adult” jokes here that the old kiddies may pick up on.

Most surprising was how the littles took to it. They watched it about 4 times over the first few days we had the review copy. I recommend at least giving The Angry Birds Movie a viewing. You won’t feel like you wasted your time even though it leaves a little to be desired.


It’s a good looking movie with it’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio and 1080p transfer. The issue with this transfer is minor and that is it shows some lack of detail in the animation, but otherwise everything is beautiful. From the eye-popping colours of the birds to the well designed landscapes.


I love it when a movie uses all the speakers properly and aggressively when needed. The Angry Birds Movie boast a lossless DTS-HD 7.1 audio track that fills the space wonderfully. Dialog is always clear regardless of what is happening all around you.


There is a nice helping of extras here with 5, very cute, Hatchlings! shorts.

There is a game available with some instruction on how to play along with the movie called Angry Birds Action! How to Sync. There is a light helping of Deleted Scenes (6), a few could have stayed for another laugh or two.

For kids who love to dance there is Dance Along Birds and Pigs along with some Crafty Birds for those who like to make things out of things laying around the house.

A great making-of overview that is introduced by Josh and Jason Sudeikis in Creating the Real World of Angry Birds. Bubbles and Hal shows why Bubbles is the angriest. We get to meet the “cast” if you will as well as their voice actors and animators in Meet the Birds. There is shorter version of this last feature in Meet the Pigs. Blake Shelton’s tune “Friends” get a Music Video here.

In one of the coolest extras, in my opinion, is Making Music with Composer Heitor Pereira where he shows how he came up with several of the films musical movies and the unique instruments that were used. There are six different ones here. Want to watch the movie with an isolated score? Well you can with Symphony Mode.

Wrapping up the extras is a Photo Gallery some In-Theatre Policy Trailers and the typical Previews.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

All in all this is worth the own if you’re a fan of the game and / or have littles. It’s a well produced Blu-ray with both a fantastic video presentation and a cool audio track. The extra helping of features are worth while. If you don’t want to watch the game you can always just play the game.


  • Visually beautiful.
  • Good use of the speakers.


  • A few "adult jokes" that don't fit in a kids movie.
  • The LOLs were lacking a bit.


Movie - 6
Video - 9
Audio - 9
Extras - 7

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