MIB II Holds Strong

Men In Black 2 held strong over the weekend against some pretty stiff new competition. The latest Tom Hanks flick Road To Perdition opened in second while the latest dragon flick Reign Of Fire opened in third. The latest installment in the, is it ever going to end, Halloween franchised, Halloween: Resurrection, had a fourth place opening weekend. Mr. Deeds rounded out the top five. Here’s how the rest played out. 1. Men In Black 2 (25.00m)
2. Road To Perdition (22.11m)
3. Reign Of Fire (16.02m)
4. Halloween: Resurrection (12.30m)
5. Mr. Deeds (11.00m)
6. Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (10.00m)
7. Like Mike (7.62m)
8. Lilo & Stitch (7.56m)
9. Minority Report (7.41m)
10. The Bourne Identity (5.77m)

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