Rod Steiger – On The Waterfront, Doctor Zhivago, In The Heat Of The Night, The Illustrated man – passes away at the age of 77… From the IMDB report… Rod Steiger (1925-2002) Acclaimed method actor Rod Steiger passed away in Los Angeles today (July 9th) from pneumonia and kidney failure, according to the AP. He was 77. Steiger made his mark on the national stage with Elia Kazan\’s classic film, On the Waterfront, for which he was nominated for his first of three Academy Awards®. He won with his last nomination as a Southern police chief in In the Heat of the Night though he considered his role which earned him his second Oscar® nomination, as a guilt-stricken Holocaust survivor in Sidney Lumet\’s still-shocking The Pawnbroker, to be his finest. Steiger also had memorable and diverse roles as the voracious Komarovsky in Doctor Zhivago, the smokehouse-dwelling, self-pitying Jud in Oklahoma!, and as the titular Illustrated Man.

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