Back In Black

Looks like the second coming of the secret organization of Men In Black has saved the planet again from utter destruction. Men In Black 2 dominated the box office this holiday weekend taking in $90 million since it’s opening. Mr. Deeds fell to second. The Little Bow Wow film Like Mike debuted at number 3 while Lilo & Stitch finally over took Minority Report over a weekend haul by approx $0.3 million. 1. Men In Black 2 (54.10m) 2. Mr. Deeds (18.80m) 3. Like Mike (13.05m) 4. Lilo & Stitch (12.72m) 5. Minority Report (12.40m) 6. The Bourne Identity (9.11m) 7. Scooby-Doo (7.03m) 8. The Sum Of All Fears (3.75m) 9. The Powerpuff Girls Movie (3.56m) 10. Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2.85m)

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