MORE NEWS!! Jeff Daniels, Portia DeRossi and James Spader will star in EYE WITNESS for Promark entertainment and director Rowdy Herrington. The film is a political thriller about a an aid worker who becomes entwined in a murder mystery when he takes an assignment in Mexico. Forest Whittaker will direct the supernatural thriller SELLING TIME for Fox 200. It\’s a serious cousin to GROUNDHOG DAY, where a man is given the chance to relive and repair the worst day of his life, but with unexpected consequences. New Line Cinema has purchased the pitch for NEVERMORE from writer Micheal Kingston, about a sexy young international spy. Jersey Films has picked up Rachel Klein\’s supernatural thriller THE MOTH DIARIES. Set in the 1960\’s at an exclusive boarding school, the story follows a 16 year old girl who suspects a schoolmate is a vampire, and is responsible for the strange illness being suffered by her best friend. Shades of SUSPIRIA? Disney and Jim Henson Pictures have picked up LET IT RAIN, a singing-dog musical about a canine con-artist who convinces a barnfull of drought-stricken animals that they can bring rain by singing the right songs. Linda Woolverton will write a big-screen adaptation of cult comic FATHOM, about a young woman who finds out that she is descended from a mysterious race of undersea-dwellers. The story features many battle sequences underwater and on land. Penelope Spheeris, who started her career with the punk rockumentary THE DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION, will direct the story of English punk prototypes \’The Sex Pistols\’ and the birth of the 70\’s punk scene, through the autobiography of Pistols singer Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon. The biography ROTTEN: NO IRISH, NO BLACKS, NO DOGS, gives a first hand glimpse at the era, how it all started, and how it all came to a violent end. Kirk Ellis will adapt OVER THE EDGE from the nonfiction book by Greg Child. It is the true story of four mountain climbers who were kidnapped in Kyrgyztan, and escaped by throwing a captor off of a cliff and then making a rapid descent with the kidnappers in hot pursuit. Jonas Akerlund will direct WESTWARD for New Line Cinema. The story follows a woman whose husband has been murdered as she travels across country to reunite with her stepson. Along the way she meets several shady characters who may have had something to do with her husbands death. Paramount Pictures has picked up the pitch for DADDY\’S GIRLS by writers Steven Gary Banks and Claudia Grazio. It is said to be the funny, yet emotional tale of an overprotective father and his two beautiful daughters. Stephen Gaghan will rewrite John Sayles script for THE ALAMO for director Ron Howard and Disney Studios. The film is expected to deal with a number of historical complexities usually left out of Hollywood versions of the tale, including Jim Bowie\’s slave trading, and Davey Crockett\’s raging \’political incorrectness\’. Bryan Goluboff will write a screenplay for an untitled Brian Wilson project, which will explore the turbulent life of the Beach Boys songwriter for Castle Rock Entertainment. Columbia Pictures has picked up THE LITTLE LORD from husband and wife team Nick and Robin Bakay. It is the story of a black sheep in the Royal family and his soccer hooligan manservant. When they wear out their welcome in England, the pair move to Beverly Hills and reinvent themselves. Maddalena Films ahs picked up the suspense thriller THE WAITING about a mother who recently lost her child, and begins to see the ghost of another child, pretending to be her own. David Goyer will direct the comic thriller MUCHO MOJO for Phantom Four Films. Ted Tally has adapted the Joe R. Lansdale novel about two buddies left to clean up a deceased uncles home, which one of them has inherited. When they find a human skeleton, it raises questions about the uncle\’s involvement in a series of gruesome murders. Doug Liman has agreed to direct two sequels to THE BOURNE IDENTITY for Universal. No word yet as to whether Matt Damon has made a similar deal. Escape Artists has purchased the thriller script AGAIN from Karl Bakke. It is said to be about a man who returns home from a business trip to find his wife and son murdered. Everyone around him advises him against it, but he begins an investigation and discovers some shocking secrets. 20th Century Fox has picked up END OF THE ROAD from Ric Roman Waugh and Tag Mendillo. An action thriller, the film will follow a young stuntman who takes a job for the Cajun Mafia, embarking on a high-speed odyssey from Las Vegas to Baton Rouge. Stephen Chow will direct a remake to the international smash SHAOLIN SOCCER. Universal Pictures has picked up SILENT NIGHT, historian Stanley Weintraub\’s account of a WW1 cease-fire on Christmas Day, when front line soldiers for both sides laid their weapons aside and exchanged gifts, played soccer and sang carols. New Line Cinema and Avery Pictures have set a September 9, 2002 production start date for the long-awaited FREDDY VS. JASON film. The film is set to shoot in Toronto and Vancouver, with a story involving a handful of hapless teens who unfortunately stumble into the midst of the titular battle. An early tag-line on casting notices reads: FORGET GODZILLA VS. KING KONG – THIS IS THE HORROR CLASH OF THEM ALL

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