ATTACK OF THE CLONES IN IMAX!!! BATMAN AND SUPERMAN ON DECK FOR 2004?! FREDDY VS. JASON IS A GO!! Lucasfilm is currently planning to insert additional never-before-seen footage into ATTACK OF THE CLONES and re-releasing the film on IMAX technology throughout the world. London is rumored to have a late July – early August release date, while here in North America, a Labor Day weekend rollout is expected. Lucasfilm has not officially announced plans yet, so no information is available on what footage is to be added. Warner Brothers is joining Dreamworks and Disney in the long-term scheduling war over 2004. The WB has announced the following as their main candidates for prime -release dates in 2004: CATWOMAN – starring Ashley Judd. WORLD\’S GREATEST – A Superman/Batman teamup. CONATANTINE – Another DC comic about a hellish detective, Nicolas Cage is out, but WB is eyeing Keanu Reeves to headline. And TROY – A GLADIATOR-esque epic about the Trojan War and the fall of Troy. Laurence Fishburne, Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon will star in MYSTIC RIVER for Director Clint Eastwood. Academy Award winning screenwriter Brian Helgeland will pen the adaptation of Dennis Lehane\’s novel about three childhood friends who reunite to solve the murder of one of their daughters. Rob Schneider will team up with director David Zucker, of AIRPLANE! And NAKED GUN fame for HARV THE BARBARIAN, a \’Monty Python version of CONAN\’, co-written by SNL alum Jack Handey – the guy behind \’Deep Thoughts\’ and \’My Big Thick Novel\’. More names have been added to the ensemble of THE ITALIAN JOB. Donald Sutherland, Seth Green and Mos Def are the latest additions to a cast that already includes Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, and Jason Statham. Casting is underway for some of the baddies for CHARLIES ANGELS 2: HALO, which begins shooting August 2. Among the characters listed so far is a \’Ghengis Khan-looking\’ dude named \’Crooked Tooth\’ who loses out on a drinking contest with Drew, ala RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. There will also be a brutish biker named \’Mutton Chops\’ and an \’unnamed terrorist\’ character. Ed Harris and Giovanni Ribisi are the latest additions to the stellar cast of MASKED AND ANONYMOUS for Director Larry Charles. They join Bob Dylan, Jeff Bridges, Luke Wilson, Penelope Cruz, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Laura Elena Harring. New Line has moved the release date for their film KNOCKAROUND GUYS once more. This time to October 11th this year. Originally scheduled for a January 2001 release, the film was moved several times due to internal snafu\’s. The wait may be worth the trouble for New Line, considering that in January 2001, the only \’big\’ name in the main cast was Seth Green. Since then Barry Pepper has followed up roles in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and THE GREEN MILE with acclaimed turns in *61 and WE WERE SOLDIERS. Vin Deisel has become a hugely bankable star following PITCH BLACK and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. If XXX is a big hit, and Seth Green hits big again with AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER, KNOCKAROUND GUYS could hit very very big. Micheal Madsen will co-produce and star in RED LIGHT RUNNERS. Chris Penn will co-star, with Harvey Keitel, Dennis Hopper and Sara Cox in negotiations to join the cast. Thomas Jane will star as a South African cop who becomes a bank robber in STANDER, hitting cameras in August. Robert Carlyle, Elias Koteas and Embeth Davitz will also star for director Bronwen Hughes. Ryan Reynolds will join Micheal Douglas and Albert Brooks in TILL DEATH DO US PART, the update of THE IN-LAWS being produced by Warner Brothers. Andy Fleming will direct. Anjelica Huston is in negotiations to star opposite Eddie Murphy in DADDY DAY-CARE for director Steve Carr. Huston would play a rival day-care operator, who fights Murphy\’s home-based day-care. Mathew Lillard will star in an untitled Valentines Day project about the trials and tribulations of a romantic\’s experiences around Valentine\’s Day. Mark Consuelos will join the cast of Miramax\’s WW2 action flick THE GREAT RAID which will star Benjamin Bratt. Sir Ian McKellen has joined the cast of BORGIA for director Neil Jordan. Ewan McGregor, Christina Ricci, Antonio Banderas, Jean Reno and John Malkovich will also star. WWE star and Scorpion King, The Rock, will star as King Kamehameha, in a biopic of the 18th century Hawaiian warrior-king who united the islands. Jake Gyllenhaal, Eva Green and Louis Garrel have signed on for Bernardo Bertolucci\’s THE DREAMERS. Set against the backdrop of a politically charged 1968 Paris, the story follows an adventurous brother and sister who invite an American student to stay with them while their parent\’s are on holiday, The three young adults then embark on a series of experiments in emotional and sexual mindgames.

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