Info on upcoming DVD packages…

Here is the news on some upcoming DVD releases and special packages…. Corona\’s Test Pattern site reports that \"a good source\" says that the following are in considration for the SPIDERMAN DVD, hopefully ready for an Oct./Nov. release: Two commentaries: (1) audio and visual commentary with director Sam Raimi,Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Willem Dafoe; (2) Audio commentary with VFX supervisor John Dykstra. Tobey Maguire\’s screen test (supposedly including a take where he tore open his $100, 000 costume) Deleted scenes (including Stan Lee\’s full cameo where he attempts to sell Maguire the same brand sunglasses Cyclops wore in X-Men) Rumor also has it the original teaser trailer featuring the Twin Towers is being considered for the DVD. There are also numerous featurettes already produced for the DVD. Universal\’s Back to the Future DVDs will come with audio commentary by director Robert Zemeckis and writer / producer Bob Gale for each film. Michael J. Fox will provide commentary for the original as well. Should arrive for Christmas. DVD File has some early info on the Blade II DVD from New Line, a two-disc edition and part of Infinifilm line. Set for a September 3, 2002 release audio commentary with director Guillermo Del Toro & Screenwriter David Goyer; a second audio commentary with Producer Peter Frankfurt & star Wesley Snipes; an interactive reproduction of the director\’s notes (with an intro by Del Toro); multiple featurettes deleted and alternate scenes the Blade II videogame survival guide trailers more soon to be announced. Warner Bros. is planning to release a few two-disc Special Edition DVDs by the end of this year: True Romance, Unforgiven and Singin\’ In The Rain will all get the twin disc treatment. Paramount has announced that a special edition of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock will be released by the end of the year, but will not be a director\’s cut as the first two were. RESERVOIR DOGS – Special Edition two-disc set: Original production features: Real Life Reservoir Dogs featurette Action figure development documentary Getaway Cars featurette Film noir retrospective Tributes by indie filmmakers Tributes by writers and directors inspired by Reservoir Dogs, Tribute to actor Lawrence Tierney Interviews with director Quentin Tarantino and cast and crew members Select scene commentaries Mini commentaries with filmmakers, cast and critics Deleted scenes Outtakes Two alternate camera angles of the \"ear cutting\" scene Production notes Poster gallery Cast and crew info

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