RIDDICK + 2!!! ALIENS VS. PREDATOR!! E.T. on DVD!!! Fox and Producer John Davis are pursuing a new direction for the perpetually-in-limbo ALIENS VS. PREDATOR film. Their new idea deals with a 600 year-old techno-guru who prolongs his life using technology and secrets he has discovered in a long-crashed Predator ship. To entice the Predators to return to earth, the ancient millionare acquires a collection of Alien eggs to breed as big game for the Predators. Of course, things do not go exactly as planned. Fox is farming the idea out to writers as we speak. X2 begins shooting on wednesday, and word has it that \’extra\’ scenes are being filmed with Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart and James Marsden to be added to a special edition DVD of X-MEN to be released in the spring. These may be exteriors of the castle in Victoria being used as the new Xavier School in the new film. A report turned in at AICN speculates that ILM has been approached to enhance the physique of an aging Arnold for his return to the role of Conan, in KING CONAN, due to shoot next year. This is altogether likely as Arnold plays Conan over the course of 35 years and has to be a \’slightly softer\’ Conan as an aged King. Warner Bros. has added to their litany of ridiculousness, by announcing their development of a big screen version of those much-despised cartoon sidekicks of old THE WONDERTWINS. As sidekicks to the Justice League of America on the Saturday morning cartoon series in the 70\’s and early 80\’s, the Wonder Twins have universally been considered the weakest \’superheroes\’ ever introduced by DC comics. This comes on the heels of Warners announcing their ideas for MARIA POPPINS, and a DUKES OF HAZZARD feature. David Twohy, writer/director of the hit sci-fi horror film PITCH BLACK, has agreed to return to helm the sequel, now titled RIDDICK. After several directors had been attached and script drafts turned in by David Hayter and Akiva Goldsman, RIDDICK will be written by Twohy based on his original concept. Vin Diesel will return in the title role. Both Diesel and Twohy are in negotiations with the studio to extend the series to 4 films. Twohy and Diesel would headline all three sequels. Universal Home Video has announced a release date of October 22, 2002 for the DVD release of the 20th Anniversary version of E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL. The 2-disc DVD set will include 10 hours of extras including new featurettes with Steven Spielberg detailing the creation of the 1982 film and the journey to it\’s eventual 2002 reworking. The set will also include an isolated score track featuring John Williams\’ award-winning score, and video footage of the Orchestral performance at the premiere of the 2002 version of the film. No word yet on whether both versions of the film will be available in the set, or on any of the technical details, but Universal has announced that the DVD will only be available for 10 weeks and will then be placed in the vault indefinitely.

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