Rumors abound… Will Sam Neill join the cast of SPIDERMAN 2 as Doc Oc? Webtainment sites, like AICN and COMING SOON are going ape over news that broke earlier today. The Internet Movie Database has listed Sam Neill as having been cast as Dr.Otto Octavius in SPIDERMAN 2, currently still in the writing and preproduction stage. For the uninitiated, Otto Octavius is better known as Dr.Octopus, the cybernetic evil genius and once-respected scientist, who uses his multiple robotic arms to cause much havoc in Spidey\’s NYC. The rumor has yet to be verified, because the IMDB can be updated by any member of the Database. We will keep you posted here at EYECRAVEDVD, but the methinks it a mighty fine casting choice if it turns out to be true.

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