Spider-Man Rakes in the Dough!

Spider-Man does the unthinkable by decimating all previous opening weekend records. It’s also the first movie to ever have over $100 million dollars in a 3-day weekend. The closest movie to the $100 million mark was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which opened in Nov. 2001 and brought in just over $90 million. The Scorpion King took second place bringing in a measly $9.6 million. While Changing Lanes took third and Murder by Numbers took fourth The Rookie climbed one spot to take fifth. See how the rest played out. 1. Spider-Man (114.00m) 2. The Scorpion King (9.60m) 3. Changing Lanes (5.60m) 4. Murder By Numbers (3.78m) 5. The Rookie (3.30m) 6. Life Or Something Like It (3.28m) 7. Deuces Wild (2.70m) 8. Ice Age (2.50m) 9. Jason X (2.40m) 10. Panic Room (2.20m)

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