Billy Bob in BAD SANTA! Luke Wilson and Bob Dylan?! HELLDORADO!!! Billy Bob Thornton will play the title role in BAD SANTA, a comedy from Dimension Films, due this Christmas. Thornton will play one of two conmen who dress up as Santa and an elf, and embark on a road trip where they intend to rob Shopping malls. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are in talks to star in an untitled cop drama written by BULL DURHAM scribe, Ron Shelton. James Woods will star in NORTH FORK the new film from brothers Micheal and Mark Polish. The brothers were the director, co-writers and stars of the critically acclaimed TWIN FALLS IDAHO. Curtis Hanson, director of LA CONFIDENTIAL has purchased the rights to a series of novels by cult crime writer Charles Willeford. The series deals with Miami police detective Hoke Moseley. One book, MIAMI BLUES had been previously made into a film starring Alec Baldwin and Fred Ward. Miramax has purchased the worldwide rights to COMEDIAN, a behind the scenes documentary chronicling Jerry Seinfeld both on and off stage during his national stand-up tour. Ridley Scott is in negotiations to helm MATCHSTICK MEN for Warner Bros. If Scott takes the job, he would film the drama this summer, before going to work on TRIPOLI in the fall. Luke Wilson will star opposite Bob Dylan in MASKED AND ANONYMOUS, directed by TV staple Larry Charles. The film will follow the story of a wandering troubadour, played by Dylan, who is brought out of prison by his former manager for one last hurrah at a charity concert. Wilson plays a former roadie who jumps at the chance to join Dylan in his moment of glory. Peter Berg will direct HELLDORADO, a jungle adventure starring Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson. HELLDORADO follows Johnson\’s Bounty Hunter character into the Amazon as he searches for a bad guy. Once found they team up to search for hidden treasures. It is being described as an INDIANA JONES/ROMANCING THE STONE hybrid, without the romance of course. Berg, best known as an actor in such fare as THE LAST SEDUCTION, also directed VERY BAD THINGS.

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