A Plea For Reviewers

EyeCraveDVD.com may be a new site, a struggling site but one thing we are not is going away anytime soon. This is why I put the call out to all of you who’ve always wanted to be part of something larger. Part of team of DVD enthusiasts who want to help keep the average DVD crowd informed. We need help and we’re not afraid to say it. We need people with a forte in writing whom Crave DVDs and who are willing to put in a little effort to help move EyeCraveDVD.com to the forefront of DVD information. This is not a paid position. However, we can supply you with DVD swag to review. One thing I cannot guarantee that you will always get DVDs that you will enjoy and want to review. Sometimes we must take the bad with the good. If you are interested and are willing to do at least a DVD review per week e-mail me at reviewers@eyecrave.net. To be a reviewer you must have at least the following hardware: 27″ TV w/ S-Video inputs, a Dolby/DTS receiver w/ full surround speakers and a subwoofer.

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