Tops at the Box Office

Pearce’s The Time Machine bumps Gibson’s We Were Soldiers from top spot this week raking in an estimated $22.50 million. All About The Benjamins debuted at number three. 40 Day And 40 Nights drops 2 places to 4th and John Q. also drops 2 places to 5th. Here’s how the rest played out. 1. The Time Machine (22.50m) 2. We Were Soldiers (14.45m) 3. All About The Benjamins (10.13m) 4. 40 Days And 40 Nights (7.10m) 5. John Q. (6.00m) 6. Return To Never Land (4.70m) 7. Dragonfly (4.06m) 8. A Beautiful Mind (3.91m) 9. Big Fat Liar (3.43m) 10. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship (2.60m)

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