The Guilt – Working as a team with your sister and achieving success.

The Guilt – Working as a team with your sister and achieving success.

LOS ANGELES October 2nd, 2012 – It’s not unusual in cinema to see relatives working together to great results – the Coen brothers, Joan and John Cusack, the Coppola clan. The Spanish film duo of director David Victori Blaya and his sister, art designer Sandra Victori Blaya, is another such pair.

These relative newcomers have been working together for years – and they are worth keeping an eye on.

Sandra, an interior designer, only started working in the movies when her brother David asked her to help on his first small projects. David’s career has since grown both in size of the projects and awards won, and Sandra has worked on nearly all of her brother’s short films and commercials as an Art Director or Set Decorator.

Their latest short film, The Guilt, was just awarded YouTube’s Your Film Festival Award at the Venice film festival.

David’s career has been a continuous climb and winning this award could open new doors for him in Hollywood, since Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender organized the contest.

How is achieving international success? And how is working with your sister? “I am incredibly proud of this award and of the work we have accomplished” says David, the young director from Manresa “Having my sister work on my projects is a real asset. A film is a team effort, and having people on the team that you trust is basic. There is a shorthand communication with a family member that makes the work efficient. My sister and I share the same goals and vision”

It is fair to say that the cinematography and production design in David’s short films (including The Guilt and Reaccion) deserve much of the credit for the awards. The production values in The Guilt have the feel of a Hollywood production. The short film barely has any dialogue. With such a visual director, art and cinematography are crucial, and Ms. Victori’s work obviously contributes to her brother’s vision.

The short film The Guilt can be watched on YouTube, while we wait to watch the director’s next project, which will be produced by Scott Free

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