Another puzzle game has hit the Apps store, and having played many of them this one has quickly become one of my favourites. It’s also one of the few that have successfully challenged me to the point of frustration.

Kunundrum is the first game from Hope This Works Games Inc., and I must admit for the most part they’ve done a great job. Tossing balls of energy into their “homes” is fun, and challenging once you add the portals, speed boosts, switches and move multipliers.


When you first download the game it comes with 20 free maps to play. I was able to whip through those rather quickly, which I think was their plan because once you get a taste you’ll want to add the other map pack and extend the game play (for the small price of $1.99.)

With 28 achievements to nab such as getting 3 stars, not using the arrows, or not teleporting you can add extra fun to a game that’s already fun. If you like the challenge of puzzles then I can pretty much guarantee you’ll become hooked on Kunundrum.

I’ve been playing it since Friday, successfully drained my battery, and have already made it to the 79th level where I’m currently impeded.

Download the game now from the App Store.

Crave Factor – 9

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