Daniel Day Lewis To Play Moriarty In Holmes Sequel?

Daniel Day Lewis will pit himself as arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty against Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming sequel.

Looks like Brad Pitt is no longer in the mix for the role as has been rumoured since the first film opened.

Daniel Day Lewis

As picked on by the Toronto Sun, Britain’s The Sun is reporting about Lewis’s casting.

Brad Pitt was rumoured to be in the running to take on the role for the follow-up, but this new report suggests that director Guy Ritchie has signed Day-Lewis to tackle Downey, Jr.’s Holmes in the next film.

The Holmes sequel is being fast tracked to hit cinemas next year.

Seeing Downey and Lewis trading quips on the silver screen as two of literature’s most iconic characters makes one feel tingly all over with anticipation.

Sherlock Holmes


Update – the day after this news broke, Lewis’s agent stated the report was false.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

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