Looking For a Projector?

Projectors a little far out of your current price range? Looking for a mid to high end rear TV projection instead? Well, we may have just come across something that will please you. Home theatre enthusiasts worldwide are beginning to buy more and more to get that total theatre experience. They’re snatching up new receivers, amplifiers, DVD players, subwoofers, speakers, big screen TVs, and now more than ever front projectors. Since their inception as a home theatre tool they’ve been extremely expensive. For some projector’s you have to take a weekend course in order to set it up or else the store where you’re buying it from won’t let you take it home. Fan noise so loud that you’re having trouble concentrating while watching you’re beloved DVDs. A new competitor has emerged on the market with a quieter, sleeker, more inexpensive model for home theatre junkies. Plus Piano HE-3100 is the expensive answer. Priced approximately one third below its competition this DLP projector pacts a punch. Whisper quiet and closer to true black than most it is a great buy. Check out Plus Home Theater’s official page for more details.

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