Pixar’s Brad Bird to direct M:I4?!?!

Yes. BIG YES! Brad Bird, the man behind THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE, and the new classic THE IRON GIANT (not to mention two of the best Krusty-centric episodes of THE SIMPSONS) is the front runner to direct MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4.

Brad BirdAccording to sources ‘close to the deal’, Paramount is actively courting the two-time Oscar winner but hoping his astronomical price tag will come down. Given the fact that THE INCREDIBLES was one of the best-scripted, best-executed action films of the last ten years, I’d say ‘give him what he wants’.  Especially since the studio has already scheduled M:I4 for a May 2011 release, which puts it squarely in the gunsights of Kenneth Branagh’s THOR. Keep your eyes on ECN for the official news.




Source: The Vulture

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