Warner Bros. Comes to Town

Q2 is here and Warner is showing off their products to the media once again.


Warner Home Video’s quarterly press tour swung through Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto in March. The True Blood-themed parties paid homage to the successful series, and served as announcement events for Warner’s forthcoming DVDs, Blu-rays and combo-packs. As usual, Warner put on a good party (complete with actor Michelle Forbes attending the Toronto event), and as always, the presentation caused a ripple of enthusiasm for what’s coming down the pipe.  And trust us, there are some very cool things coming down that pipe. Of course there’s another season of True Blood, but you can also expect a whole lot of Warner classic hit films (Hello, Dr Zhivago!), rom-coms like Valentine’s Day and big-ticket films like Invictus and Book of Eli.

But the most exiting news is that Warner’s releasing a whole lot of Clint Eastwood. As in, a 10-film set, a 35-movie box and lots of choices in between. We’re talking about everything from the earliest hits and iconic Dirty Harry films, right up to his directorial vehicles like Mystic River and Gran Torino. It’s going to be a great quarter for Clint fans.

All in all, there are countless new releases coming from Warner over the next three months, and film lovers are going to need deep pockets to keep up. No, really; we heard it at a party.

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