‘Avatar’ Blu-ray and DVD Officially Announced **UPDATED

20th Century Fox has officially announced the Blu-ray / DVD release date for the sci-fi Juggernaut that has earned over $2.6 billion dollars worldwide.

How will Avatar fair in 2D? How stunning will it be on Blu-ray? We’ll all find out on…

** Now with Cover Art **


April 22nd, aka Earth Day 2010, in North America. Want to know what will be on this release?

Absolutely nothing. Yay! We don’t even know what video / audio specs for the release are going to be, but I suspect Fox will be giving this title the ultimate treatment when it comes to the transfer. Of course, sometime near Christmas we’ll get a new edition loaded with fun extras and such, but will we see 3D this year? Fox has said no, but will consumer demand force their hand?

Oh, and if you live elsewhere on Earth here are the release dates for Avatar‘s release in your neck of the woods.

Avatar will be available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD everywhere in the United States and Canada on Earth Day, April 22. Please see below for additional release dates around the world:

FRANCE – April 21 BELGIUM – April 21
NETHERLANDS – April 21 SPAIN – April 21
CHINA – April 22 BRAZIL – April 22
RUSSIA – April 22 NORTH AMERICA – April 22
GERMANY – April 23 JAPAN – April 23
SWITZERLAND – April 23 MEXICO – April 23
UK – April 26 DENMARK – April 27
NORWAY – April 28 SWEDEN – April 28
NEW ZEALAND – April 28 AUSTRALIA – April 29
FINLAND – April 30 ITALY – May

Avatar - Blu-ray Cover

Avatar - DVD Cover


Editor’s Note: I am an Earthian.

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