Are Gremlins following Ghostbusters into the 3rd Dimension?

We’ve been hearing rumors since the last Gremlin carcass was cleared out of the Clamp Building back in good ol’ 1990… The little green monsters will be back… and this time, the rumors say they’ll be reaching out to grab you in fancy stereoscopic digital 3-D…


It seems that rumors of a Gremlins sequel, or remake, have been omnipresent since GREMLINS 2 left theatres in 1990, with the internet age giving us years and years of fake scripts, fake trailers and fake posters. Now, with the rise of the remake in an increasingly creatively bankrupt Hollywood, we get news that a 3rd film is underway and jumping on that 3D wave currently cresting somewhere near Studio City and threatening to crash down Tsunami-like over all of us.

Over on the MARKETSAW blog they claim to have the goods on an already in pre-production GREMLINS 3, purportedly to be made in stereoscopic 3D, as has been claimed of the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (also initially broken by Marketsaw and attributed to an unnamed source in the ILM effects shop).

While still unofficial and somewhat suspect, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see either or both of these come to fruition. Hollywood has a long tradition of throwing pre-production projects onto the latest bandwagon and, with the recent juggernaut success of AVATAR, you can bet the 3D flood is coming and it probably ain’t gonna be pretty folks.

At least these two franchises are ones that would lend themselves well to more natural 3D shenanigans than, say, MEET THE 3DFOCKIN GREAT-GRANDPARENTS, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND 3D, WALL STREET 3D, ROMEO3 + JULIETD or – god forbid – NUTTY PROFESSOR 3D: COME ON FEEL THE KLUMP!

(Gremlins 3 ‘fan art’ ca. 2005)

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