Where Are The Old DVD / BD Reviews?

I’ve been receiving a lot of email as of late from people asking me “where is this review?” and “where is that review?”

Well, there’s a long story involved, but I’ll cut it short for you.

BD - DVD - HD DVDI’ve been having some issue with getting them imported. As I moved from a custom coded software tool to this one I was not able to easily transition them. The coder that was hired to perform this decided to up and leave and call several weeks later to say he wasn’t going to complete it.

Ya ya, wah wah, but I’m not about to copy & paste over 2000 old reviews into this system. So, long story short, I’m attempting to write the code myself to move them over and it’s taking a little longer to sort out then expect. I’m hoping to have the kinks ironed out and have them here by the end of February.

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