Trailer: ‘Kick-Ass’

Normally we avoid the cussing here on Eye Crave Network, but when the title has what some would consider a cuss how to do you avoid it? This time you don’t because the Kick-Ass, well, kicks ass.

The movie is based on a comic-series of the same name writting by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. Directed by Matthew Vaughn. He might become a legend after decided to buck the Hollywood system and make the movie his own without any of their typical restrictions. After showing some footage at Comic-Con Vaughn has the backing of the fans, and even managed to start a bidding war for the film. Lionsgate picked it up.

The story follows a high school student who decides to become a ‘superhero’ despite the fact he has no powers. This obviously leads to more heroes and more villains.

The film stars Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloe Moretz, Mark Strong, Xander Berkeley and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Check out the trailer and chime in on what you think.

Head over to MySpace to check it out in High-Def.

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