Playstation Holiday Preview 2009


Band Hero (Nov 3, Vicarious Visions) promises to be a lot of fun.  I got to play a few songs during the event and was taken aback by the ease that players could drop in and out of the game without interrupting the rest of the players.  This makes it a fun party game where anyone who shows up can simply pick up a controller and rock out.  Another fun feature is that you can have several players playing the same parts/instruments cooperatively.  Gone are the days of feeling disgruntled because you can’t play the instrument you wanted to. Band Hero features new characters, 65 songs out of the box, compatibility with Guitar Hero DLC and a revamped recording studio.

DJ Hero (Oct 27, FreeStyle Games) is the next “big thing”.  Slap on your headphones and get ready to beat the night away.  The player experience is promised to be very similar to the real deal.  “DJ Hero is to turntables what Rock Band is to drumming.”  The graphics are interactive and the playlist promises loads of fun for the hip hop crowd.

Tony Hawk Ride (Nov 17, Robomodo) is the next best thing since sliced bread.  The new motion-sensor balance board is unreal.  I hopped onto the board and with a little coaching was able to get into the game right away.  There is a nice variety of settings, skate paths, moves and customizations.  The game itself is fantastic; great textures, realistic environments, awesome animations when completing goals.  In all fairness the board doesn’t make the game but it certainly brings the PS3 experience to a whole new level.


Avatar the Game (Dec 1, Ubisoft) was hard to get to because of the constant mob huddled around the Ubisoft crew.  The graphics in this game are phenomenal.  The environments are rich, full and help immerse you in the story and settings.  Ubisoft has created a wonderful new world for users to explore and discover.

Assassin’s Creed 2 (Nov 17, Ubisoft Montreal) is set in Renaissance Italy.  You play as Ezio and explore the rooftops and canals while interacting with famous historic characters (DaVinci) and powerful families.  Like its predecessor, the game features a basic arsenal of weapons that you must master in order to achieve The Order’s goals.  After watching several players go through the city, I was amazed at how realistic the aspects of this game are.

Warner Brothers

LEGO Rock Band (Nov 3, Traveller’s Tales and Harmonix) merges two popular franchises.  The story revolves around the LEGO characters’ hunt for super stardom.  Rock out some killer sets in order to accomplish story goals that allow you to progress and unlock more bricks and customizations.  All in all, it’s a fun tangent from the classic Rock Band venue.

Where the Wild things Are The Videogame (Oct 13, Griptonite) brings home a classic children’s story.  You play as Max, King of the Wild Things, and explore the mysterious island of the Wild Things.  While travelling across the island, you will learn several new skills and abilities to help continue along your journey to save the Wild Things. 

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