‘Predators’ Beware – Brody Will Be Hunting You Too!

Adrien Brody is slated to star as an elite warrior leader in Fox’s sci-fi reboot – Predators.  Brody will be known as a hunter of men, but will simultaneously be hunted by a race of merciless killers with awesome strength, super-advanced weapons and invisibility cloaking.  Robert Rodriguez will produce along with Elizabeth Avellan while the film will be directed by Nimrod Antal.

Topher Grace is in negations to play an accountant-type hiding a secret life as a serial killer.  Other cast members and roles include Alice Braga (“I Am Legend”), a tough female killer; Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (“The 4400”), a man not afraid to die; Walt Goggins (“The Shield”), a loose cannon; Danny Trejo, a hardened warrior with a serious love affair with his matching uzis on his back; and UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov playing a former Russian special ops agent.

This unlikely group of warriors will join forces to fend off the Predators while protecting the earth once again.  This newest addition to the franchise was written by Rodriquez, Alex Litvak, and Michael Finch.  Filming will begin next month in Hawaii before heading to Rodriquez`s Troublemaker Studios in Austin.  Keep your stun gun ready for the July 9th, 2010 release since it promises to be better than AVP.



Source: Hollywood Reporter

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