X09 Canada – Live

Tomorrow Ryan and I will be venturing to This is London in Toronto to take in the annual X0 Xbox Preview Event where major publishers send their best games to be scrutinized not only by the media, but also by… the Xbox community. Follow along here tomorrow as I tweet my way through game after game of excitement.

* I’ve uploaded my photos from X09. Check them out!

  1. #X09 was a fun. Met a lot of new people. Hung out with some gaming peeps I don’t get to see often.

  2. The level we’re being shown looks incredibly like the shower firefight in The Rock. Was that Michael Beihn’s voice. #X09

  3. Modern Warfare 2 being previewed right now. #X09 #XboxCa

  4. Checking out Splinter Cell: Conviction now.

  5. @tehflakes you at #X09 yet?

  6. @hotelqueen. I’m just messing with @sinnix cause it’s fun.

  7. @hotelqueen. Just kidding.

  8. @Sinnix just told me that @hotelqueen isn’t gettig cod modern war fare cause he want night vision.

  9. The community is arriving.

  10. Playing GTA4 Ballade of Gay Tony. I stuck the parachut landing. #X09

  11. @Sinnix mmmmm food.

  12. Ryan is terrible at #Tony Hawk http://twitpic.com/jmkpr

  13. The way I just drove #Forza3 I shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

  14. Parking located. At venue w/ @Sinnix

  15. Am in Toronto. Can’t find parking.

  16. X09 Canada – Live http://bit.ly/ydybE

  17. @Sinnix on my way

  18. Looks like my front tires are a little low. I can’t find my gauge to check either. Booooo.

  19. Kids dressed. Now feeding them. Coffee brewing. Today is going to be awesome. #x09 #XboxCA

  20. Awake, showered, dressed, packed, waiting for @xboxaddicts then off to Toronto in this very shitty weather.

  21. @hotelqueen thanks. I will keep an EYE on things. 😉

  22. While double checking my gear noticed that I was missing the mic, cable and tapes. Yay, for finding Noe and not while in TO

  23. See everyone at #X09 tomorrow. #XboxCA #XboxCanada

  24. Things to pack – 360 mem card w/ profile on it… tehehehe, notepad, pen, protective cover for @Sinnix art, various clothes, rain gears.

  25. Article posted about X09 – Check! Camera and Vid Camera packed and charged – Check! Top up fluids – almost check (gas)! Pack – pending

* I’ve uploaded my photos from X09. Check them out!

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