Dark Knight 2 Filming in 2009?

It’s no surprise that with one of the highest grossing films of all time (still in theaters) that Warner Bros. wants another Batman movie on the big screen now. Is 2009 too soon to bring back the bat?

Batman-on-Film.com has received, not one, but two different “tips” from people whom they refer too as “reliable sources” that pre-production on Batman 3 is set to begin in February with hopes of filming beginning come summer. The rumbling are coming from the behind the scenes crew (film crew, set builders, ect…).

There’s still no word if Christopher Nolan will be returning to helm, but I’m sure Warner Bros. is trying like a chum happy shark to get him back on board. Hopefully, they also involve David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (Chris’s brother) to develop and pen the 2nd sequel in the new Batman franchise.

As of this article The Dark Knight has grossed over $524.5 million dollars domestically and over $984.5 world wide.

I think we need all need to head back to theaters and check it out one more time and help it break that $600 million dollar mark.

With the death of Heath Ledger earlier this year it also means that we may never get to see that maniac known as the Joker tangle with Batsy again.

The Dark Knight is slated to hit DVD and Blu-ray December 9th.

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