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I actually wrote the liner notes inside this DVD! Now I am desperate to get them out into the world, like a beautiful word-baby, swaddled in a horror-ific plastic DVD case… Order one today! Direct from the Director himself! He’ll sign it for you! Then you give me a shout… I’ll sign it too! Hell, I’ll buy you a beer, and then sign it in my own blood , if that’s what it takes… PLEASE! Help us get this DVD out in the world – it has EYECRAVEDVD written alllll over it – front quote, liner notes, etc, etc…

The movie is phenomenal – a 70’s Drive-In style thriller with great characters and dialogue and old-school thrills instead of the brutal gore they keep slapping us in the face with these days… It’s like Clerks meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original).

OK kids, start the viral train… Please read, repost if you can… and as Ol’ Curtis in the BLUES BROTHERS would say – ‘We goin’ uptown, to put the WORD in the STREETS!” CLICK ON FOR THE DETAILS! REPOSTED FROM SCOTT PHILLIPS – DIRECTOR OF GIMME SKELTER:

I need your help!

Okay, folks — you can now order GIMME SKELTER directly from me! And here’s the thing: any money that comes in this way goes right back to the investor (who is not me, by the way). If you buy SKELTER from me, you’re not only getting a well-reviewed little indie horror flick full of gore, boobs, thrills, and Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen — you’re doing me a huge favor by helping me return the investment to the person who made it possible to make SKELTER.

I need to sell 500 copies of the DVD to pay back the investment. As orders come in, I’ll update that number to let you know how it’s going. This is gonna take a lot of help, so please order SKELTER and spread the word to anyone you know!

Just visit The EDP Store to order your copy of SKELTER for $15 (plus $3.00 s/h within the US, or $6.00 s/h outside the US) via the secure servers at PayPal! Please let me know if you want your DVD insert signed.

If you don’t like PayPal, you can also order SKELTER from me through Amazon. com — just go to SKELTER’s “Used and New” listings and order from “Daily-Despair” (that’s me)! Some of the dealers on Amazon have it listed cheaper than I do, but remember — when you order from me, the money goes directly back to the investor!


“A fine example of how imaginative a genre film can be… GIMME SKELTER has thrills, chills, and slaughterhouse kills.”
– Axel Howerton, EyeCraveDVD. com

“GIMME SKELTER is an amazingly depraved gem of a horror movie.”
– Steve Smith, Skullring. org

“A low-budget masterpiece.”
– Theron Neel, ScreamTV. net

“The frenzied, gore-spattered battle between the Family and the surprisingly rambunctious citizens over a long night makes up the core of this entertaining thriller. Pitch perfect… hits every target, delivering a gleeful, pulpy outing. 4 stars.”
– John Oak Dalton, MicroCinemaScene. com

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