Lincoln Still Coming!

For years and years and… years, we’ve been hearing about how Steven Spielberg is going to make a movie about Lincoln and his presidency. First it was going to star Harrison Ford as the colonel in the US Army who was put in charge of hunting Booth, then Liam Neeson’s name was thrown around for Lincoln. Now it seems the target of the plot is going to be centered around Lincoln’s anguish running the Unions war effort during the Civil War, while Robert Redford is making his own film surrounding the whole Booth conspiracy. Either way, Spielberg is saying that it’s still coming.

What Spielberg has to say to Variety

“We are very happy that Redford will be doing this Lincoln movie. It is completely different from what our DreamWorks Lincoln movie will be, and we believe that it will add to the commercial potential of our film. Lincoln as a subject is inexhaustible.”

Lets hope that sometime this century the movie gets made, I love Lincoln lore.

For you conspiracy buffs, Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran through a bookstore. Kennedy was killed from a book store and his assassin ran to a theater. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln. Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth each have three names and the number of letters add up to the same amount 14. The list goes on and on but I don’t remember any more from the newspaper article I read over a decade ago.


Lincoln on a Penny

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