Original Short That Inspired ‘9’

I attended a local con in Toronto over July 10-12 called Polaris 23. This is a media focused convention and a highlight panel turned out to be one done by a local Toronto Animation studio – Starz Animation.  They did an in depth presentation of the upcoming Shane Acker/Tim Burton animated flick – 9.

They walked us through the process of movie making and explained how the storyboards are brought to life by these talented artists.  They did this via a multi-media presentation showing us how they built and animated the movie’s characters using such software tools as Maya.  Very interesting.  This seems like it will be a great flick based on a short film created by Shane Acker.

Here is the original short the upcoming movie is based on:

The short is free of dialogue. The theatrical release will and has a pretty high powered voice cast at that – Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau and Jennifer Connelly.

You can check out the theatrical trailer here.

Looks very unique and fresh.  Can’t wait till this 09-09-09 when the movie premieres.

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