New iPhone App Ends Blockbuster Bursting Bladder Syndrome

Picture this: you’re about a third of the way through the latest big-ticket blockbuster, and halfway through your $7 gallon pop. Suddenly, you feel the beginnings of what you just know will be an unbearable need to go potty. If you recognize this scene, the RunPee iPhone app is just the tool for you.


The way it works is simple: select the film you’re seeing from the list, then hit the start button as the film begins. RunPee will tell you when you can run to the sandbox without missing something crucial (along with how many minutes you have for the pee break), and gives you a little summary of what you missed. It will even let you know if you should be sitting tight until the end of the credits so you don’t miss yet another pointless post-credit kicker.

Check it out at or download the app from iTunes for 99¢







Source: Mashable

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