Suckerpunch Anne Hathaway!

What sexy screen siren do you think of when dreaming of sci-fi? Anne Hathaway of course, or at least you will now since she’s signed on to be in sci-fi flicked called ‘Tokyo Suckerpunch’ with Spidey himself Tobey Macguire. The plot revolves around comic books of course.




“He’s a graphic novelist who lives in Cleveland and writes a graphic novel about himself that he sets in Tokyo,” Solomon said. “He has a certain fantasia of what Japan is and has a certain fantasia of what a real woman is. Neither exists in reality, but he goes off to Tokyo in pursuit of this fantasy woman.”

Solomon added that the story veers away from comic-book fantasy to provide the character with a realistic romance, “and he ends up in this adventure not dissimilar to the kinds of things he writes about,” Solomon continued. “He goes there with his editor, to be played by Anne Hathaway, and ends up it’s a love story about him and Anne Hathaway, basically, and it’s really about a guy figuring out what matters to him.”


Anne Hathaway

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