E3 2009: Microsoft Press Conference

Today the biggest event in the gaming world E3, kicked off with a press event from Microsoft.  Lasting almost two hours Microsoft unveiled new games and technologies to appeal to both the casual gamer and hardcore gamer alike.

Kicking off the Event was the first look at The Beatles: Rock Band.  On hand for the unveiling were the two surviving Beatles, Ringo Star and Sir Paul McCartney.  In addition to the already existing instruments available to play with, the game will also support a few more mics for backup singers and harmonized vocals.  10 of the 45 tracks were announced and are as following;  “I Saw Her Standing There”  “Hold Your Hand”  “I Feel Fine”  “Day Tripper”  “Taxman”  “I Am the Walrus”  “Back in the USSR”  “Octopus’s Garden”  “Here Comes the Sun”  “Get Back”

Microsoft also announced the following exclusive games coming out for the Xbox 360; Halo: Reach, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake, Forza 3, Shadow Complex and Joy Ride.  Finally Microsoft takes another stab into Sony’s heart with the announcement that the Metal Gear Solid Franchise is coming to the 360.  Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be the newest addition the Metal Gear family.

Microsoft announced a partnership with both Facebook and Twitter to bring social networking into your living room, but the biggest news of the day came in the form of “Project Natal”.   Natal is a new and innovative motion control device.  The much rumored device uses a camera to detect full body movement as well as makes use of voice recognition technology.  Steven Spielberg even showed up on stage to give his endorsement of the new technology.  Peter Molyneux head of Lionhead studios was given early access to the device and developed “Milo”, an interactive little boy that recognized voice commands and facial expressions to read emotions.  It was a truly brilliant piece of interaction between a real person and a piece of software in a real conversation

Sony and Nintendo will be in tough tomorrow to follow up such an impressive conference.  stay tuned for coverage of both press events tomorrow


e3 micro1 


e3 micro2

*Videos via Gametrailers.com

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