Trish’s Dish for ‘Transformers’

Trish's DishThis is one of those movies that I didn’t go see in the theatre.  The trailers that I watched didn’t look that interesting and I was a kid that played with my brothers transformers back in the day when they were on TV not the big screen.  I decided to give the old transformers a try anyways.  Am I ever glad that I did!

To pair a wine and food with this movie I had to think a bit outside the cube.  I think that in this movie the characters learn a lot about themselves, a lot about the world and a lot of what is possible when you put your mind to it.  I think that our food and wine tonight should teach us a bit.  I want you to pick your favorite wine; red, white or pink, dry, sweet or bubbly.  Now I want you to try that one wine with these appetizers.  What I want you to pay attention to is how the wine feels different in your mouth, how sweet or dry it tastes and where you feel the acid on your tongue.  The wine should transform from one appetizer to the next.  Some pairings won’t be good and some will truly surprise you.  These dishes are meant to stimulate different parts of your tastebuds, if you find a salty dish that works well with your favorite wine try a different salty dish next time. 

Oily dish-Bacon Cheddar and Mushroom SquaresOily dish-Bacon Cheddar and Mushroom Squares, Sweet dish-Caramelized Walnuts, Acidic dish-Citrus Chicken with Yogurt Dip, Salty-French Fries with Poutine, and Bittersweet Chocolate Wafers

Now back to the movie…  Transformers opens with Sam Witwicky selling a few items on E-Bay from his Grandfather.  This draws the attention of a few interesting characters.  Sam’s Grandfather was a great explorer though Sam had no idea the extent of his discoveries.  Sam and his Dad are out car shopping when Sam finds an old beat up Camero.

After discovering that all of the other cars on the lot are found to be damaged Sam takes the Camero home.  Sam’s car turns out to be more than meets the eye.  During a series of events we realize that “something” is hacking into the US Air Force mainframe, that vehicles transform into “people” and that Sam is in for the ride of his life with his car Bumble Bee.

There are two types of Transformers; the good guys are the Autobots and the bad guys are the Decepticons.  Sam’s Grandfather discovered MegaTron the leader of the Decepticons under the ice around the North Pole by accident on an expedition.  MegaTron came to Earth looking for the Allspark which would allow him to create more Decepticons but the Autobots want it so that they can save Earth from devastation and extinction.

While Sam and his friend Mikala are learning all about the Autobots from their leader Optimus Prime we see Glen and Maggie who stumbled upon files that were stolen from the US Air Force mainframe.  The files discuss Sector 7 and NBE1.  The AirForce, Sam and Mikala, Glen and Maggie along with the government fight alongside the Autobots to protect Earth from the Decepticons.  The Autobots see goodness in humans and therefore won’t let the Allspark cube be used against Earth.

Sam and his friends keep the world safe.  We find that all of the Transformers have their own personalities and quirks but have one common goal, protecting Earth and it’s inhabitants from the destruction the Decepticons want to bring.  We see lots of fight scenes and lots of quick decisions made by all the characters involved.  There are friendships forged and strength of character tested but through it all we learn what true friendship is and that you can take nothing for granted.  I loved how the obvious animation had such fluidity in the movie.  From someone who watched the cartoon as a kid I truly appreciated the excitement of the movie and look forward to seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

Optimus Prime - Transformers


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