Warner Bros. Red2Blu Program Announced

It seems that Warner Bros. is stepping up to the plate once again for its loyal customers. They have initiated a program whereby those who purchased their titles on the now defunct HD DVD format can exchange those for their Blu-ray counterparts.

The details are as follows:

Click here and select your HD DVD exchange titles. *Limit one exchange per title*
– Pay upgrade fee of $4.95 per title
– A flat rate shipping fee of $6.95 per order applies ($8.95 per order for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) *This means as many titles as you want can be shipped for a ONE TIME $6.95 fee*
– Mail the original cover-art to the Warner Bros. processing center
– Receive new discs in 4-5 weeks

So, for those who have wished for more space on their AV racks, getting rid of their HD DVD players could now be an option. This program seems like an ideal way of making room for more HT toys. Let’s hope that other previously red studios begin to follow suit.




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