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First off let me tell you about the little system that couldn’t. You all may remember the Dreamcast’s fleeting run for console dominance. This machine was amazing for the time it was the first to have internet access (MIRC FTW) and online console game play (WOO! Phantasy Star Online!) But this amazing (and LOUUUD) console was short lived as it was easily taken over by the Playstation 2 in no time. Out of the ashes of the horror show that was the Dreamcast fall out came a few shining titles Soul Calibur was on of these gems.

ThisGuy!The Soul Calibur series has always pushed the graphical abilities of any system it was released on, if you have played the first one for DC it still looks pretty for how old the title actually is. For those who don’t know about the Soul Calibur series it’s an 8 way 3D weapon based fighter (Which kicks a large amount of ass**) that pins opponents in a fight to the death, oh sorry KO. Because we all know when getting hit with LARGE blade weapons and hammers and other fancy pants weapons of all shapes and sizes wouldn’t kill you…(Well not ME at least)

Eight way sir? ZOMG what do you mean? Well friends check this out.

Back in the day when fighting games consisted of Street fighter 2 or Tekken and dare I say Virtual Fighter which my mind the WORST fighting franchise out there. (Hand a tissue to the crying fan boys please) The issue with these games is they were all setup with a two way movement system which at the time was fine as this is all we were accustom to. Soul Calibur was setup with freedom of movement in mind every direction on the lonely analog stick and a button will do a different attack depending on the direction u are moving. (DUH!)

 Now that the back story is over with we can get on to the present. I was stoked for this game from day one as this is in fact my fave fighting franchise. First thin I noticed about the game is (YUP) how pretty it was. Granted, I say this a lot as it’s not hard to make a game look pretty with today’s tech but Soul Calibur has always had a distinct art style the I am a fan of. (No its’ not just the girls with big…. Eyes) the second thing I noticed is they slowed down the game play from 3 which is totally fine as this does not hinder game play at all. Good ol Taki how I love your ninjtastic ninjaness! Another of my fave things about Soul Calibur is they don’t change the moves on the charters drastically which is great for, as I like to call it “out of the box ass woopin!” As I punished opponent after opponent I realized something… this was a revelation! THERES A GRAB BUTTON! This was not warmly greeted by all he gaming world (I watched a flash review of a person who obviously had no skill at the game cry and bitch about this button) if you know how to DUCK the grab button is useless. (GET SOME SKILL!!)

SC4 has a number of modes to unleash your sword swinging inner badass. Single player story is extremely short, even on hard it takes about 10 minuets to complete and then you are treated to a 1-3 min cut scene of you charter doing whatever it was they wanted to do with the 2 sexy swords. That was disappointing as the story mode in SC3 was well done. Tower mode is amazing and if you are unable to play online this is the mode for you (I’m still stuck 3 levels from the top). Tower is a mode that allows you to ascend or descend a lovely looking tower with your custom made charters. Each floor presents a new challenge as opponents will have different strengths and weaknesses that you can counter with your custom charters. There is a level system that allows you to unlock new abilities for each of your custom toons depending on what your stats are like and what abilities you favour. The creation option will allow you to use a template of a character and customize the look and stats of said creation and allow you to import it to the game. (WOO! Gothic Taki!) The online portion of SC4 is what needs to be improved. There are two different sections ranked and unranked matches. I have given up on ranked matches as it takes a long time to actually get into one of these games then its one fight and back to searching once again (ranked record 1-2 then didn’t want to wait 10 to 15 mins to fight anymore). The player matches are setup amazing, the host will create a game 4 person rotation winner stays. This is an excellent setup as while you wait you watch the fight and talk in real time. The voice support needed a patch at the start to enable talking while in the actual battle but this is patch was on day 2 of release.

If you are a fighting fan and this game is not in your library YOU my friend are not a fan, not at all. The battle system is setup much like the other SC games, there are the unblockable attacks as well as you are able to either reflect an attack by pushing block and forward or parry and attach by pressing back and block at the right time. Reflecting will push the client forward and parrying will send the opponent to the ground. This is an amazing way to counter when you know what attack the enemy will throw at you next and perhaps (if you’re not me) turn the tide of the fight into your favour.

There are a few new Characters in this chapter of the SC series as Darth Vader, his apprentice and Yoda (who you can now download for PS3) are the guests in this volume as well as Shura (the dirty talking female clone of Cervantes) that crazy monk lady and that dumb looking girl with wings and Link…OH that’s not Link it’s a female elf type fencer girl who will remain nameless as she sucks so much I used her for five seconds of one round.

All in all ladies and gents this game is a must buy for anyone that owns a ps3 and wants to have some fun. I have basically given myself Soul Calibur fingers (if you like this game you know what I’m talking about) and I keep returning to it. Still I have yet to beat the tower and online I have met a number of great people while playing this game. GET IT…..Stop reading and GET IT NOOOooOOW.

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…

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