Tweets Live from the Warner Home Video Q2 Event

** UPDATED – Tweets Added to the Story **

Tomorrow night I will be attending the second quarter Warner Home Video presentation where they showcase all their DVD and Blu-ray titles coming out until… well Q3. During the party presentation I will be tweeting live from the event so feel free to follow along here at the site or at my twitter page

P.S. – Steven Strait will not be there. That was taken last year prior to interviewing him for 10,000 BC.

Here are all the tweets from last nights, ummm, little adventure:

  1. Officially exhausted. Still 1.5 hours left to go. Here’s the leaving TO pic
  2. Heading back home now. 3.5hrs on the road.
  3. Want to make youself look stupid do an interview without the mic plugged in. Awesome. 🙁
  4. Time for some prizing. I never win.
  5. Entourage S5 on #DVD on June 30th
  6. Eastbound and Down season one June 30th
  7. Friday the 13th coming June 16. Also a extended cut will be available.
  8. John Adams coming to #bluray on June 16
  9. John Adams coming to #DVD and #bluray on June 16
  10. Woodstock 4hrs Director’s Cut UCE on #bluray on June 9. 40th Anniversy Edition.
  11. Gran Torino. Aka Clint being angry is coming to #DVD and #bluray on June 9th.
  12. Spring Breakdown June 2nd with Amy Poehler
  13. Falling Down on #bluray May 26.
  14. Sat Morning cartoons on #DVD May 26 from tv 60’s and 70’s
  15. True Blood Season 1 on #DVD and #bluray May 19
  16. Original Batman on #bluray May 19th
  17. Chandni Chowk To China out on May 5. Bollywood title.
  18. TCM Classic Movies on April 28th.
  19. House of Saddam on April 14
  20. Samarai Scooby Doo! Sweet
  21. Because it makes Jim go crazy.
  22. Yes Man announcement. Jim does his scenes red bull free.
  23. Ya. Bugs Bunny Show intro.
  24. Chris has taken the stage. Classic clips on the screen.
  25. News: John just said WHV is rocking in Canada.
  26. Here’s the pic.
  27. The big man from Warner Canada just took the stage. Hi John.
  28. Dyan is kicking things off. She’s looking pretty good in a classic dress. Photo to follow.
  29. Time for the presentation
  30. Lots of peeps I’ve never seen before. Time to mingle.
  31. Now this is how to throw a party
  32. Arrived alive. At WHV party. Say hello to Chris from WB.
  33. Quick rest stop and now back on the road
  34. On the road


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