Biel Strips in ‘Powder Blue’ Trailer

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while determining how exactly to write the intro for a trailer in which we see some Jessical Biel stripping, umm, moments. Actually, a lot of moments.

So, I think I’ll just let you watch it. Keep in mind Jessica has confirmed that she does get naked in Powder Blue.


A mosaic of people desperately search for redemption, human connection, and restored faith within the underbelly of Los Angeles. On the eve of Christmas, four lives will cross paths by past guilt, chance, coincidence, and divine intervention. And when morning shed’s light, their lives will have been woven together by a miracle where death is the inevitable hope and love is why we choose to live. (Yahoo!)

The film stars Forest Whitaker, Jessica Biel, Ravi Patel, Navid Negahban, Chandler Canterbury and is directed by Timothy Linh Bui.


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